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Off-Leash Doggy Playdates

About Playdates

Off-Leash Doggy Playdates are 60 minutes of off-leash group playtime and socialization on 5 fully-fenced acres monitored by a professional dog trainer. I integrate new dogs into the group strategically and slowly.

Playdates occur Monday - Friday and includes pick up and drop off within a 2-hour timeframe between 10am and 12pm based on location and schedule.

$40 per dog

$24 additional dog
from same household.

Initial Consultations ($30) are required

prior to booking playdates. 


Things to know:

Must live within 10 minute drive of downtown Wilsonville.

All breeds and sizes welcome however fencing is not appropriate for dogs under 15-20lbs.

All dogs must wear a collar with ID tag with owners contact information.

Dogs must be current on DHPPC, Bordatella & Rabies vaccines. Flu vaccine recommended but not required. Exceptions can be made for puppies at least 12 weeks current on age appropriate vaccinations.

All dogs must be well socialized with decent recall and will be subject to temperament testing to determine eligibility and best play group. Additional training is available if needed.

Minimum once a week required for playdates to maintain healthy energy levels and group dynamic. Twice a week may be required for high energy dogs. 

Dogs may get wet and muddy. I can hose dogs down and towel dry but have no ability to bathe dogs before returning home.
Access to fresh clean water at all times.
Please alert me to any symptoms of illness immediately especially respiratory.

Additional Services and Rates

Initial 30-45 Consultation (required prior to pet care services)

Additional Consult (30 minutes)

Key pick-up/drop-off (if not collected at consult)

Holiday Visit (Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve, and July 4)

Pet Taxi Service

Emergency Visit


Full Visit Price


Extra $10

$40 / hour

Extra $10

Grooming Services

Nail Trim

Bathe & Dry

Heavy Brushing

Ear Cleaning

Teeth Brushing

Full Grooming (includes all of the above)

$15 - $20

$25 - $40

$10 - $20

$10 - $20


$60 - $100

Medication Administration

Oral, Topical, Injections

Sub-Q Fluids

$0 - $5

$10 - $20


Client Love


"Being able to send my dog off at least once a week to go run around a giant area with other dogs is worth its weight in gold. Not just because we live in an apartment and she has no yard or dog siblings to play with, but also because it's so much safer than going to the dog park. I trust Reagan implicitly to bring dogs that are a good fit for the pack, which is high praise, because I'm definitely an anxious and overprotective dog mom..."

- Melody K.


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